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MALLERIES: All Jewelry (Silver)
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Roman Silver Ring C.300 Ad
Price: $725.00 USD
Roman sterling silver ring dating from around 300 AD. The ring is of typical Roman form, with wide shoulders and an oval shank. It is set with a cornelian intaglio of Mercury with a winged helmet and carrying a magic wand. The ring is in ...N.Bloom & Son - Ian Harris
Malleries: N.Bloom & Son - Ian Harris
David Hensel Ring
Price: $2,300.00 USD
David Hensel is one of Britain's most talented jewellers, and sculptors, exhibited at the royal Academy Summer show, amongst others. He is not making much jewellery nowadays, preferring to concentrate on sculpture, so I was pleased to acquire this characterful ring Jester directly from him, ...N.Bloom & Son - Ian Harris
Malleries: N.Bloom & Son - Ian Harris
19th Century Punchinello Lapel-pin
Price: $1,395.00 USD
This fantastically modelled sterling silver Punchinello lapel pin, or stick-pin, was made in France with a French control mark, and a sadly not-quite-readable maker's mark.Punchinello is the tragi-comic figure originating in the Italian Commedia del'Arte of the 17th century.  Usually protrayed, as here, as a ...N.Bloom & Son - Ian Harris
Malleries: N.Bloom & Son - Ian Harris
Running Rabbits Brooch
Price: $1,385.00 USD
A charming small - and I do mean small - brooch of two running rabbits, in a silver-fronted, gold-backed mount set with bright rose-cut diamonds, made around 1900N.Bloom & Son - Ian Harris
Malleries: N.Bloom & Son - Ian Harris
Tiffany Crescent Moon Brooch
Price: $2,250.00 USD
Another variation on the moonface; this amusing, laid-back and discreet moonface profile is by the celebrated jewellers Tiffany & Co.  This brooch is made of 18ct gold inset with Mother-o'-Pearl for a perfect representation of the Moon's silvery face, and with an onyx eye.  It ...N.Bloom & Son - Ian Harris
Malleries: N.Bloom & Son - Ian Harris


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